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Tokyo Sweets Collection


Models pose with top-class pâtissiers after the Tokyo Sweets Collection show at Club eX in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo on Sunday. Pâtissiers presented original works on the theme of 1/365 Birth. (Birth—1 day out of 365). Guests were served the original creations of each pâtissier.

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Mostly thin people who look as though they never eat sweets.

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I thought Halloween was over already. Thems are strange costumes and hats.

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Models pose with top-class pâtissiers

Methinks the young ladies of Shangri-La would have done this gig for free.


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I would happily eat every one of these little sweeties.

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Eight models and only two pâtissiers? Were the other pâtissiers too embarrassed to have their photos taken with the strangely-dressed ladies?

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