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Tourist? No Tourist without guided tour in Japan, those people just foreigners who already reside in Japan and want to visit Asakusa.


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So now foreigners residing in Japan have been relegated to the status of "tourists" huh? Ridiculous. Those aren't tourists. I don't see their handler....err, "tour guide" anywhere.

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These people are not "foreign tourists".

They are foreign residents, which makes the domestic tourists.

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The JT title here is correct as these two women checking selfie are “Tokyo tourists” however, they are current residents in Japan and not foreign tourists visiting under the new guidelines.

It may AP’s information provided with uploaded image that may have caused the JT editor to err with their caption: “Foreign tourists take a selfie at a shopping street in the Asakusa district of Tokyo on Friday.

Mr. Hoshiko’s original image is available here: http://www.apimages.com/metadata/Index/Virus-Outbreak-Japan-Tourism/fc27487fedee46d29b377155135dd5bc/2/0

“Foreign tourists wearing protective masks to help curb the spread of the coronavirus take a selfie at a shopping street at the Asakusa district Friday, June 10, 2022, in Tokyo. Japan on Friday eased its borders for foreign tourists and began accepting applications, but only for those on guided package tours who are willing to follow mask-wearing and other antivirus measures as the country cautiously tries to balance business and infection worries. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) June 10, 2022

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How delighted these young people must be to share their joy!

All foreign residents and returning tourists add to the shared experience that is our beloved Japan.

Peace and happiness is wished for all who visit here today.

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Very nice, more and more tourists coming..


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The JT title here is correct as these two women checking selfie are “Tokyo tourists” 

Thank you JapanToday for changing the title to "Tokyo Tourists" from the original one saying "Foreign Tourists".

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Very progressive and forward thinking JGov, amazing work, keep it up

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What is wrong with people here, the comments are so meaningless.

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