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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets Marines and their family members at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo on Sunday. Clinton thanked the Marines for their participation in last year's Operation Tomodachi -- the name given to the U.S. military's support for earthquake and tsunami victims in the Tohoku region.

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The operation was great, even though almost no news outlets here reported about it.

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Operation Tomodachi.... I can just imagine a high ranking US army official saying that..... "TOE''MOE'DAR'CHII"... cringe much.

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Nothing but respect for anyone who has helped out in Tohoku.

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Nuff respect yo!

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"which one of you knocked this girl up?"

That's easy - Hillary... of course.

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Notice how the soldiers are "ranked" in size ;)

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This is the weblink dated 3/15/11. It still makes me cry when I see this. During that time, we were all in this together beyond race, color of skin, language barrier, nationality, young/old, men/women for a cause in humanity.

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Cue the bass line - boom, chikka, wah, wah

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Debucho, not enough reports? You must have been watching Youtube. They were all over television. I was especially moved by their operation in Oshima, an island off Kesennuma. They were isolated with little help until the USS Essex arrived.

I hope these are the only kind of news we hear about them in Japan. Of course they are only human, so occassionaly, they are not all good.

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The Marines in the photo appear humbled.

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Tomodachi , God, love's a Marine...Ranking is alway's tallest to smallest in the US Military. Angel's, love Sailor's....gambatte kudasai!!!!!!

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DebuchoJul. 09, 2012 - 08:22AM JST The operation was great, even though almost no news outlets here reported about it.

No it was widely reported on NHK and FujiTV as well. The Marines putting Sendai airport back into operation in a mere 3 days was spectacular.

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DebuchoJul. 09, 2012 - 08:22AM JST The operation was great, even though almost no news outlets here reported about it.

This is such a load of crap! You must have watche the news with your TV off! It was all over the air. continuous footage with US marines sailing through flooded towns looking for survibors, setting up camps and field hospitals. thousands of interviews with the teams and the citizens. To alow this operation was by far the best decision by Japanese government in last 20 years.

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Men instinctively assume this pose in two situations: football penalty kicks and when meeting Hilary Clinton.

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^ they do that a lot.

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kawaii little kid <3

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Tell you what, while ya'll might have seen a lot of it up there in mainland, there was zero coverage on any of the local networks down here in Okinawa.

Seeing as how many of them came from here, ANYTHING that puts them in a good light would never be shown in Okinawa.

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I'm wondering: Were these marines actually part of Operation Tomodachi, or were they just the Embassy Guard detachment members available for the Clinton photoshoot? (and yes, if they were stationed at the Embassy during Operation Tomodachi, then I consider them to have been a part of it.) People rotate in and out of duty stations all the time.

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@Farmboy LOL!!

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Thank you, USA! We never forget your friendship!

Thank you USA!!! I love you.

I'm Japanese. Thank you,USA. ARIGATOU !!

Thank you USA!本当にありがとう、多くの命が助かりました。

Your work was so great to restore the destroyed area which encourage us to overcome this difficulyies. .I respect each one of you soldier. Also I want to express my gratitude for the volunteer. There are so many people from overseas are helping at Tohoku area. I have no word! Thank you for USA and the world. From Nagasaki, Japan

US Navy is too cool. Thank you USA. God Bless America.

arigatou USA

We had a big damage and lost many lives in this disaster, but we found that we had good friends like the U.S. people. We'd like to express utmost gratitude to your help. God bless America.

Thank you USA.

Thank you, USA! We never forget your friendship!



and thank you globalwatcher for your rescue mission to Tohoku❤

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