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Tongan coronation


Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito, left, and Crown Princess Masako arrive at the Centenary Church in Nuku'alofa, Tonga, Saturday, to attend the coronation of King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau'u.

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Congrats to the Tongan people on the coronation of King Tupou VI - the biggest monarch in the world!

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Tongan Style!

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Congratulations to the Tongan people. I'm also happy to see Princess Masako smiling.beautifully. She needs to have a time like this more often, when she can really smile.

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Unfortunately Tonga can't really afford a Royal Family. In debt to the due of nearly $70 million to the Chinese, the Tongan Royal Family has done everything to hang on to their privileges including accepting money (what they thought at the time were 'special grants') from the People's Republic. Imagine their surprise when they found that repayment was expected in the form of six geo-stationary satellite spots above Tonga for China's military.The Royal Family has been a profoundly bad thing for Tonga in recent years. The 2006 riots in Nuku‘alofa which destroyed 60% of the CBD were a direct cause of ordinary Tongan's people feelings towards their own Royal Family, the Chinese meddling in their country's affairs and the lack of a democratic society.

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Wow - thanks for the heads-up, Mark. Just Wikipediad Tonga; seems more like a scam than a country. Seems funny that, if royals are involved, all of this can be swept under the rug.

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Fix the tilt. Makes me conscious of living.

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Both Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako , in jovial mood going to attend coronation , are looking superb indeed.

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The Crown Princess is a beautiful, elegant woman. Too bad the country lost the positive impact she might have had on young women there due to her "adjustment disorder". Hope this indicates that she will be more visible in the future.

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The Tongan royals are are an immoral bunch of opportunists and criminals. It's a shame that Japan saw fit to send representatives to a puppet show like this. (Google "Tongan royal family" if you don't believe me)

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Love the shells! Very nice decoration.

Why does she always look so genuinely happy whenever she leaves Japan? She should get out more often.

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