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Noriyuki Hamada of Japan, second left, celebrates on the podium with his teammates after finishing third in the 14th World Cuisine contest, in Lyon, France, on Wednesday. The contest, a sort of world cup of cuisine, was started in 1987 by Lyon chef Paul Bocuse to reward young international culinary talents.

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Kind of like a professional Masterchf or Iron Chef? WE should send our Iron Chefs to show the world a thing or 2.

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Funny how they are note saying who won and ranked 2nd... Anyway congrats France!

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congrats to all the winners!

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Way to go Japan!!

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Nice one :)

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who came 1st? 2nd?

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Well done team Japan!

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If you want to know 1st and 2nd, Google it! I found it

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It doesn't matter who came first or second, what matters is that Japan placed at all! I love the way that they get all excited about stuff like that. Remember the Olympics, when they took all those bronze medals (and not much else) and still managed to make it look like a major coup?

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One of these things is not like the others

One of these things just doesn't belong

Can you tell which thing is not like the others

By the time I finish my song?

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Tessa, make fun all you want, but if a Canadian chef placed 3rd, I'd be pretty happy(I'm Canadian). I don't see why there are always comments deriding the Japanese for supporting their compatriots' successes. What's wrong with it?

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I mean no offense to Canada, but Japan is the third (formerly second?) largest economy in the world. The triumphant glee is way out of proportion.

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Tessa, what does economy have to do with cuisine?

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Tessa, what does economy have to do with cuisine?

Well, quite a lot actually. Just how many Ethiopians or North Koreans were amongst the finalists?

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@tessa There are are enough examples of G7 countries that have had terrible reputations for food. No point going into names.

Anyway well done for those that tried and got some success. better than not trying...going back to my first point.

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