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Is it autonomous or just a radio controlled 2 way?

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She(?)s the living image---even got the tamanegi hairstyle!

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Easy to make a robot like Tetsuko-kun.

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BelrickOct. 20 02:16 pm JSTIs it autonomous or just a radio controlled 2 way?

Define 'autonomous'. You could technically 'talk' with a robot but its vocabulary has limits = it is programmed to 'answer' certain questions and 'respond' to certain words upon hearing/registering them. It's 'autonomous' in that it can 'converse' with you but its vocabulary has a limited memory story. I don't know anything about the Tetsuko Kuroyanagi TV show but I hope that answers your questions.

Either way, I hope the real host Tetsuko Kuroyanagi has some intelligence, maturity and class - almost all the hosts on American TV are irritating self-absorbed babbling idiots! Even lower IQ than a poorly programmed 'tin-can' robot!

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