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Tourism ambassadors for Japan


Miss International, Edymar Martinez of Venezuela, third from left, poses with Yosuke Takagi, Japan's minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, for a photo in his office on Thursday. Also present, from left, were Miss International runners-up Miss Kenya Eunice Onyango, Miss Honduras Jennifer Valle, Miss Vietnam Pham Hong Thuy Van, Miss USA Lindsay Becker and, far right, Akimi Shimomura, chairperson of the International Cultural Association. The contestants will serve as tourism ambassadors for Japan.

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They must have very specific height requirements in that contest. But Mr Takagi is not wearing heels (we assume), so it's not really a fair fight.

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So no guys are allowed to be tourism ambassadors? Only "Miss" winners?

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Why are they serving as tourism ambassadors for Japan and not their own countries? Is miss International only open to women living in Japan?

6 ( +7 / -1 )

miss kenya is my cup of tea! but they all are lovely ladies.

@gogogo to answer your question, they are called taxi drivers.

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On that note:


The Chinese-born Miss Canada, Anastasia Lin, has said that she believes that China is delaying her visa for the Miss World pageant on its southern island of Hainan because of her outspoken views on human rights.

A follower of Falun Gong, the spiritual movement which is banned in China, Ms Lin said officials have yet to send her an invitation for Miss World, the world’s oldest international beauty pageant.

She said she had yet to receive an official invitation letter to apply for her visa from the foreign affairs office in the city of Sanya, something her fellow contestants had already received.

She was crowned Miss World Canada in May, and afterwards said that her father, who still lives in China, was being intimidated by Chinese security officials at his home in Hunan.

“As a Canadian citizen I shouldn’t be afraid to speak my mind [and] by rejecting my candidacy, it’s sort of rejecting a whole country’s values,” Ms Lin, a 25-year-old actor, told the National Post newspaper.

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I'm not sure who's better looking, Takagi or Shimomura

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People come up to me every day and ask, 'What happened to women's empowerment?'

...Masako Mori, November 2015

Perhaps the former cabinet minister should ask METI?

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The honorable Takagi has learned his lessons well. Knuckles out for photo-shoot time. But that coffee table has to go.

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They must have very specific height requirements in that contest. But Mr Takagi is not wearing heels (we assume), so it's not really a fair fight.

Very true. Once you subtract the advantage the high heels give, the foreign women are still a bit taller than Shimomura-san and Takagi-san but the difference is nowhere near as bad as it appears here.

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It is likely that table is there to conceal a platform for the Minister. I've seen it done before.Old trick.

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Ironic that these tourism ambassadors to Japan are foreigners who are probably getting their fingerprints taken when they leave and come back. This is relevant in that although they are promoting japan and pose no threat they will still be treated no better.

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