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Toyota's new team


Toyota Motor Corp President Akio Toyoda, center, poses with his new management team at a news conference in Nagoya on Monday.

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Finally! About time they got some new blood onboard in the upper management areas of Toyota.

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I have a japanese friend that worked for a Toyota factory in Aichi, and for what he was telling me, the working conditions over there made the egyptian slaves look like happy campers. I hope this bunch of smiley directors stop thinking just about yen ratios and more about the people that works for them.

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I guess Toyota does not have any women for senior management position. Where is equal opportunity for Toyota?

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Sjeesh, don't they ever hire young blood. Everyone looks like they are hitting retirement age.

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How many of them can speak English?

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They look pretty much like the old team.

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Diversity Japan style!

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Diversity Japan style!

At least their ties are slightly different shades of blue.

Sarcasm aside, it would be nice to see a more international management team heading this very international company.

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Finally! About time they got some new blood onboard in the upper management areas of Toyota.

Yes! This team of old Japanese men look SO different from the previous lot...!

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Same old jijis trained by older jijis ... nothing's changing here.

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what missing from this picture woman

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No women! It takes time to become an executive so old people are OK. But it still does not have a woman in team. BTW, factories use robotic operations. There is no manual laborers in auto factories. Aichi factory is same. This is secret of successful Japanese automakers that have been outdoing UAW dominated old fashioned GM ans Ford in Michigan, Robots do not vote for unionization movement by UAW in USA.

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