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Beautiful !

A work of art. - sadly, almost a lost aesthetic discipline.


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How fitting it would be if it were returned to Japan.

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Someone's selling it instead of gifting it. Bet they didn't get it as a gift or by 'right ' means...

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Maybe the house that created it or the geisha's house that knows about it will ask for it back.

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It was legally owned and now legally auctioned.

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A work of art. - sadly, almost a lost aesthetic discipline.

What in the hell are you talking about ?

Furisode Kimono are sold at most department stores and Kimono boutiques through out Japan.

The pricey ones are still hand drawn and embroiled in gold as the one in the photo created 100+ years ago.

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Wow! So many assumptions...

Furisode type kimono are still produced, owned, and worn by "regular" Japanese women today (the quotes because those women have above average wealth).

This is not necessarily clothes that belonged to a geisha house, and generally maiko and geisha did not own their own kimono as it can be massively expensive.

The kimono and obi shown here as auctioned by Bonhams are lot 45, and no detail is given about the previous owner or history.

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