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Trump towers


President-elect Donald Trump gives his acceptance speech, surrounded by his family, in New York early Wednesday.

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おめでとう!!! Congrats Mr. Trump!!!

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Congratulations (sincere looking) President Mr. Trump !

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Good to see commonsense prevailed in the end. Well done, President Trump!

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Never been a fan of kids suiting up but Barron seems to enjoy it, really looks like a Little Donald! Wonder if Ivanka will become a sort of 2nd first lady as Melania seems a bit light for the job right now. (Youngest first lady ever?)

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Japan better get ready to defend itself from the US. It is time to go to China.

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Trump, the (slightly) lesser of two evils!

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You were talking about a wall I believe Don....

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Japan better get ready to defend itself from the US. It is time to go to China. It's wrong. Japan better get ready to defend itself from the US and China? Who will grin with the situation? Who is hawkish? Remember Pearl Harbor. I don't like them to rise of the militarism. So I think President Trump should think twice about the bases in Japan.

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I have to respect this guy. He completely destroyed a whole legion of rep. establishment candidates, took on the clinton machine AND his own rep party (many of whom turned against him), and still managed to beat her easily.

This is not an easy thing to pull off. We all thought he was dead in the water. Then this. We can hate him, but I, unfortunately, have to respect him. Everyone thought he was a joke. Now he's the President.

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