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In this combination photo, a ship washed away by the tsunami sits in a destroyed residential neighborhood in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, on March 28, 2011, top. The same ship sits on the same spot on Thursday, Feb 23, 2012, center, and the ship, that was dismantled in 2013, is no longer there on Sunday, March 6, 2016. Five years after the disaster, construction work is clearly underway but far from done. Rebuilt roads stretch to the horizon between still largely vacant expanses. It is a massive undertaking to raise the ground level of entire neighborhoods, to better protect them from inundation, before rebuilding from scratch.

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Ganbatte, Nihon. Italian people are close to you. We admire you. :)

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They should have left the ship where it was in order to "never forget"...

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Man, I will never forget. I was in Chiba when it happened. The quake wasn't so bad there. Though I did see the Ichihara oil refinery blow up. Was pretty nuts. My wife's family is from Sendai, so we went up that summer to volunteer. The damage was amazing, even 6 months later. This will always stay with me like 9/11

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Thank you for your message, Alex80! Ganbarimasu.:|

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@FightingViking: Actually so many ships 'stranded?' that they of course couldn't keep all of them, but I believe they chose another ship as a memorial, one that sits on top of a roof if i'm not mistaken.

One can only wish this tragedy never happens again.

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Of course we Japanese will never forget this disaster even if there are no ship, damaged buildings. In our memory, it will be kept forever with deep sorrow.

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When the big one broke out, I was in northern part of Tokyo. Even my house shook so fierce that I couldn't move an inch for a moment. And most of the books fell from the bookshelf even in my house. I never experienced that shake before. In other words, the unspeakably big tsunami earthquake must have hit the Tohoku area on that day, yes, March 11th, 2011. They were absolutely beyond my imagination.

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When you have a "clean slate" to start with you can do much more easier than in big city where you have more constraints on growth. There is tremendous opportunity for business here.

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I too would have liked the largest ship to have been kept. The scale of the disaster is easy to forget

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Thank you for the info. but that BIG ship would really "stand out" IMO. (Lei è Italiano ?)

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So will anyone in Japan be wearing red and white tomorrow, celebrating weddings and having parties? If so, would that not be culturally rude?

Tomorrow will be a sad day. remember it well.

Do not build below the rock markers that the people from the past put up.

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shonanbb: " If so, would that not be culturally rude?"

Why would it be rude? I could see SOME things, if intentionally planned on that day for discounts and what not, being rather insensitive, but it all depends -- especially if they believe they are turning a day of mourning into one of celebration. Should people who happened to have children on March 11th not celebrate birthdays?

Anyway, I doubt anyone who was here (or is Japanese but was overseas) could forget this day, even if they wanted to. Here's hoping they keep pressing on reconstruction and help those still suffering.

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That was an event I would never like to live through again and I hope that no one ever forgets.

It's only for people who do not live in Japan cannot understand the devastation.

I work with children who have lost parents and I interact with people who have lost family members, sometimes every family member.

My girlfriend used to live in a Ishinomaki and only by God's grace was she in Sendai on that day. Otherwise I don't think she would've made it.

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I'm glad to see that they're trying to raise the elevation of the land prior to rebuilding. That makes more sense than putting the buildings back up at the existing elevations. Of course, adding soil creates it's own problems during the next earthquake as "reclaimed" land is very susceptible to soil.

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Thank you for your message, Alex80! Ganbarimasu.:|

Fight! :)

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