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What a pointless display. Most of these countries have more vaccines than they need and are actually donating their surpluses to others..

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They are already donating vaccines, they vaccinated their respective countries first because it is their right and they put the money..

This is how life works, this is how this world works.

Sorry no bonus ..

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They are entitled to put their point of view across, and at least they are doing so with humour. Others are entitled to disagree with them, it’s a free country.

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Do these people take time off of work for this, are they unemployed, are they students, maybe self employed? I’ve always wondered how they find the time to travel to these events.

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bearandrodent, the answer is yes, yes, yes and possibly yes but in most cases not!

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They are entitled to put their point of view across

And we are entitled to find weakness in their argument and to point that out.

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JeffLee, yep as I said, it’s a free country.

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