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Two queens and a PM


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe poses with U.S. Cherry Blossom Queen Mary Anne Morgan, left, from Oklahoma and Japan's Cherry Blossom Queen Chiori Kobayashi at his official residence in Tokyo on Tuesday.

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at the time when Japan Meteorology Agency just announced start of Rainy Season (!)

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Here is a link to a Washington Post article about the Cherry Blossom Queen tradition (apparently it has a 65-year history) and the Cherry Blossom Queen goodwill tour in Japan.


The article is a bit sketchy, but still worth a read to learn more about it. (In regard to last year's Cherry Blossom Queen, the first ever African American in that role, the article claims that, "her appearance caused a sensation in Japan, where many assumed that all American gals are white and blonde." To which one reader commented, "more bs from the Post). Have the Japanese people not noticed Mrs. Obama?")

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It's good to be the PM.

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Japanese girl is cuter but then I am completely biased....

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They are both pretty, ( the women, not abe) and so are the outfits. But the one thing I always didn't like about the kimonos were the fact that they hide the woman's figure, making them almost look like a linebacker.

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A very nice picture.

I wonder what the equivalent would be if there were a woman in the center? A nice smooth-skinned guy in hakama for sure, on the Japanese side. What would the US side offer up - a young Abercrombie & Fitch stud?

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The thorn between two roses.

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The American looks overwhelmed. It is still a great photo. The headline would mean something different in the states, and maybe dissappoint some Americans that these were not young males dressed as females.

Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011 went to the same high school as I, in a very small village, although it is off topic. Sorry. She really is pretty.

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Not too shabby....for an American lass.

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konjuo4u: "The American looks overwhelmed. It is still a great photo. The headline would mean something different in the states...."

Only to the biased. Do you think the Queen of England is a man in drag? It's a cute photo, with a cute headline. Don't look so deeply into it.

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The American looks overwhelmed.

Oh, come off it. She looks pretty.

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Oklahoma!!!! Amazing how that song pops up every time I hear that state name.

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The American looks overwhelmed.

We looking at the same picture here? If you google (images) her you will see that she looks very relaxed and composed. In fact just about every picture of her looks similar in expression to the one posted here.

Care to borrow my glasses?

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awesome picture.

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This is a beautiful photo. Both girls look pretty.

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They all look equally great! ... OK, the two women look better than Abe but I'm only saying this because I'm a man.

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I'd like to know why kuribo's comment gets so many negative marks. It's true, the Japanese girl is much better-looking. Obviously when the judges select a winner, it's based on more than looks, but just on looks alone, Kobayashi-san wins hands-down. And of course Abe runs a disastrous third.

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"It's good to be the PM"

Tee hee! Both ladies are lovely.

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It's true, the Japanese girl is much better-looking.

Its hard to compare attractiveness of people from two different races unless one is much much prettier.

They are both about the same in my book. 6-7/10

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