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Ukrainian students in Japan


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No obligatory uniforms? What a pleasant surprise!

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miri =miru.

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Miri, a comment showcasing your moral turpitude.

Good luck to them all.

Yes there will be a Ukraine, a country is more than a strip of land it is the will and hearts and determination of its people. If you don’t believe me ask the Poles, Poland ceased to exist for nearly two centuries but the people never gave up.

Slava Ukraine.

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Should visit Nakasu area soon to see how many of them would be available there at a night time...

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Peter14, yes, I guess its should be no revaluation.

It still shocks.

There home, there life, has been torn away from them.

There future is now in the hands of J Government.

My heart felt wish all find solace.

Japan culture will be a challenge but it worth grabbing with both hands.

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All, from sight women.

Most males aged 16 to 60 could not leave the country and many who were overseas have returned home to fight the invaders. So the picture showing women only comes as no great surprise.

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What will they have to return too?

What has human nature come too?

Human nature fights back when cornered. Resilience is a human quality.

These students will have the strength of a struggle with life, and their desire and resolve will give them a lifelong cause to themselves, for their loved one's and country.

It's heartbreaking and heart warming at the same time, to see that photo. Good luck to them.

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What will they have to return too?

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All, from sight women.

Leaving possibly husbands and male family members to fight on.

What has human nature come too?

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