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Have come to greatly respect this mutual trust, control and athleticism expressed in pairs figure skating. Brava e Bravo!

- Photo caption: Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara, of Japan, compete in the pairs free skate program during the figure skating competition at the Winter Olympics in Beijing on Saturday.” -

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So beautiful..

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I generally do not watch TV, but this - I do. (It helps to have a wife infatuated with it.)

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a captivating and stunning performance, I thought. and their connection to each other is incredible. if there were points awarded for sheer passion and love of skating, this pair would definitely have won gold.

And to think, Kihara was going to quit in 2019 before teaming up with Miura.

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A wonder to behold!

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What an amazing photo of pure, absolute concentration.

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Kudos for their great performance. Unfortunately, they were apparently outclassed by others.

And of course China scored the most points. Yes, their performance was certainly outstanding but I can't help but wonder if they had a home advantage...

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