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Narumi Takahashi and Mervin Tran of Japan perform during the pairs short program at the NHK Trophy Figure Skating in Sapporo on Friday. See story here.

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Can't stand this sport.....It's hard to win on just skill alone

Sports and sport events are business and show and are rigged. The rest is illusion.

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Does she only have one arm? Serious question.

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No her arm is bent behind her back, if you look closer you can see her hand there.

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lightweight :)

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neat shot! You could turn it 90 degrees and she is down and he is Superman! :-)

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Very nice picture. Reminds me of my old days when I did acrobatic rock 'n' roll. I love watching figure skating, it is just so gracious.

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Cool pic.She has nice toned legs! Good to see Mervin Tran - Vietnamese immigrant boy making good in Japan.

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It must be damm slippery out there.

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Look Mommy no hand!

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I love watching female figure skating. I hate male figure skating. I just can't stand a guy wearing tights...

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A fly kick combo would of looked good in the air ^_^

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Can't stand this sport. It's not like a good old fashion foot race where the best man / woman / team wins.

It seems like everything is dependent on the venue. Furthermore, because of race, we see some skaters as being more beautiful and elegant than others. That's natural of course. It's hard to win on just skill alone in ice skating and that's the dealbreaker for me.

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