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First of all, it's not even raining in the photo. Second of all, why do people bother even if it IS in such weather. Now, I know some people look at me in such conditions and wonder why I don't mind getting wet, but only for a minute before their umbrellas implode and they nearly get an eye jabbed out (and then toss them on the street... the umbrellas, not eyes).

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Serves you right for using an umbrella when it isn't even raining. There's a deathly fear of rain here in Japan

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Its not just rain, its the sun they're trying to shield. Why not put air holes on top of umbrella and cover with another layer of fabric slightly angled? Would allow air to pass without inverting or ripping the skin off the umbrella (personal experience).

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That looks like a dude.

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I have given up on umbrella for a long time. I just use those very thin rain coat that you can fold and put inside the bag. It frees up both my hands to carry stuffs, etc.

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Its actually an  "inside up" umbrella.

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