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American R&B musician Usher promotes his latest album "Here I Stand" at Shoto Gallery in Tokyo. BMG Japan hosted the special meet-and-greet event, inviting 100 fans, including a couple who flew from Sydney just for the event. Usher did not sing at the event, but said he would be back as part of a world tour either at the end of the year or in early 2009.

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Right on. Great photo. Can't hardly describe how reassuring it is for a geezer like me to see that even young RandB performers like Usher give the grinning, head cocked, got-my-finger-pointed-at-you 'Palookaville' gesture to all their peeps in Japan.

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Usher is definitely pretty cool stuff. Like the photo, too.

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couldn't he find any bigger glasses ?

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Probably, Ayumi Hamasaki got to them first!

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Hansome man, do not know about his music.

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It always amazes me to see the ubiquitous "Im in Japan to sell my product/brand/movie. But don't feel slighted, this is the same pose Ushers assumes in front of his millions of adoring fans here in the states..

Pimpninja say Usher sing, get panties thrown at him. Usher in movie sing, get popcorn thrown at him.

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