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Pope Francis speaks with the newly appointed Japanese Ambassador to the Holy See Teruaki Nagasaki at the Vatican on Monday.

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@High Lama,

Is that gold on the table? Now only if Pope Francis would circulate some of the wealth the Vatican has been hoarding over the centuries.

Historical seals and a carriage clock? How scandalous!

True, there is much gold in the Catholic Church, especially in southern Europe, arguably including some stolen by conquistadores. The display of these priceless treasures generate important income from visitors, much of which funds charitable activities.

There are also churches closing because there's no money to fix leaking roofs.

Did the Soviet Union ever think to redistribute the treasures of the Hermitage Museum?

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Why was HighLama thumbed down for pointing this out? Catholics believe in Jesus. Does any Catholic believe that hoarding wealth is following in the spirit of Jesus' teachings? That trinket on the desk would feed a few mouths. This organisation is more Imelda Marcos and Zsa Zsa Gabor than the carpenter who told us 'It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven', 'take no thought for the morrow' and to give all you have to the poor. I repeat, all. The fact that religion often gets a pass when it comes to criticism is part of the reason it cannot correct its often surreal morals.

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@HighLama - People who always bring the issue of gold and richness whenever there is something about churches makes me sad. Firstly, Pope Francis IS doing away with much of the pomp Popes are usually associated with. Secondly, I do know of priests who have spent the last 25 years in places like Kenya and Sudan. I wouldn't go there even if they payed me for it, let alone volunteer. So, there are priests and priests, like there are doctors and doctors, and lawyers and lawyers..etc. I.e. everyone is just human, really. Thirdly, please inform yourself on something- the Church in history has been the greatest art patron ever in the West; both internally and externally (wealthy families commissioning artists..bla bla bla.) This applies also for gold and richness and whatnots.

Anyway, we have swerved away from the picture and subject. I am baptized Catholic, although I don't consider myself such, and I am happy for the Japanese Catholics for having a representative. I was raised in a 99% Catholic place, so I take my religion very much fore-granted, and a Japanese Catholic friend taught me what religion really is (whule he was disappointed at how much I ignore my religion)- and is why I don't consider myself Catholic.

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Is that gold on the table? Now only if Pope Francis would circulate some of the wealth the Vatican has been hoarding over the centuries.

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It is not a bad thing gelendestrasse. I would think it would help the Catholic minority in Japan to feel united with their 'brothers and sisters in Christ' of the rest of the world more :).

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I guess I'm not sure why you need an ambassador to the catholic church either. At one point in history part of Europe was the "Holy Roman (catholic) Empire" and basically ruled by the Vatican but that was what, 150 years ago? Times change.

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@littlehammer Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this bastion against bestial desires the same one which has been inundated with scandals of child rape and attempted cover-ups from people in high positions? Surely the church can empathize with the all too human, natural desires of humans seeing as it has clearly attempted to whitewash the sick, warped, unnatural perversions of some of its ministers. 'Casting a light'? The light has been all to bright on the Catholic church and exposed unimaginable darkness. This type of hypocrisy would be laughable if it wasn't so stomach-churning. That aside, education in some African countries has focused on ABC ( abstinence, be faithful, condoms ) the first two are very effective but not very practical ( we are all sinners ) and condoms as the last line of defence. Unfortunately, attempts by some members of the Catholic Church to preach that condoms are ineffective against HIV ( the church hardly has a sparkling record in science, but this is sinister ) has seen attempts to save lives sabotaged.

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@globalwatcher Your 'US Catholic churches are adopting some changes already' is the usual evasiveness I hear whenever the subject of contraception comes up. I'm not sure if you are fully aware of the devastation HIV AIDS continues to cause in many countries. This dogma is killing people. The wishy-washy arguments about needing time to change are morally indefensible. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night with so many deaths on my conscience. When he addresses this moral failure, then we can dispense with the baffling gush and applaud him for a move which may restore integrity to this organisation.

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SenseNotSoCommonOct. 29, 2013 - 06:43PM JST

what's the big issue with Nagasaki, historically significant to Catholicism?

Yes, there is a book available.

JimizoOct. 29, 2013 - 07:04PM JST

I really don't see how this pope is so different

US Catholic churches are adopting some changes already.

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I really don't see how this pope is so different. Lift the ban on condoms and save lives and help put an end to this misery. I'm not particularly interested in people who are different. I'm interested in those who make a difference, and who can but don't shouldn't score too highly in our estimation.

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what's the big issue with Nagasaki, historically significant to Catholicism?

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"hold my teaching": I suppose is up to interpretation, globalwatcher.

To my thinking, this guy lives to the teaching as much as possible and I have great respect for him for that. I also have high hopes for his reign. May it be long and influencial.

((I am an on-the-books (ie: never ex-communicated) Catholic atheist, for what that's worth.))

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Finally someone that lives by his words...

According to John 8:31, what qualifies man to be Christ's disciple?

If you hold my teaching, you are really my disciple.

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I'm not a Catholic either, but I really like the current pope. Finally someone that lives by his words...

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I am not Catholic, but I sure would like to have a dinner with Pope Francis. He is sooo different from others in the past.

The man, Pope Francis, who takes the time to call people who write him letters that stand out, who calls for more prominent roles for women in the Church, who chooses to live in in an apartment rather than the papal rooms and he drives his very old car. Jesus wanted everyone to call him as "Abba" meaning daddy or papa, this man is also coming down to level with us. His love and humility is so down to the earth.

I am looking forward to hearing many progressive changes he will bring to Catholic. His humanity is well known, as is his passion for social justice

I think we are very fortunate to have a someone like him as Pope Francis in this troubled world today.

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Why does Japan need an ambassador to the vatican? What a waste of money. Oh yes, and thank the pope for saving Yasukuni Shrine back in '45. Another mess.

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His Excellency's family name is an interesting coincidence.

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