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Victory dance


Ai Miyazato, center, dances the hula after winning the LPGA LOTTE Championship golf tournament at Ko Olina Golf Club in Kapolei, Hawaii, on Saturday.

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Traveling the world chasing a little white ball with huge paychecks sure pays off.

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@my2sense it sure pays off, but she deserves every $, she made a lot of sacrifices to get where she is.. If it was easy, could you imagine how many people "would be travelling the world chasing a little white ball"

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that's my girl! Miyazato is a golfing machine!!!

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Given her size (small!), what she is doing to the lpga tour is unbelievable. She is giving up 50-75 yards on every hole, but she still manages to get it done. Nothing but respect for her.

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Like golf, use your hips and remember to follow through.

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If I were her, I'd stay in Hawaii for another week or so until it gets warm in Japan.

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I once followed through on the golf course. Ruined my trousers.

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small ? why she's as big as the native to her left !!

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Great fan of hers!...But not her mini skirt and black socks. She looks like a tourist...like those old men that where shorts with pulled up socks and tennis shoes.

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