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Nobel laureate and Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi tours the 350-meter-high observation deck at Tokyo Skytree on Thursday.

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Nice photo! She's gone from years and years of house arrest to losing a spouse who she was able to see only five times in ten years to missing out on much of her children's lives to being on top of the world. Good for her!

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Wonder if she had to wait 6 hours like everyone else....

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That's 350 metres higher than I would go. Amazing photo though... just look at the view. Wow!

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Would not like to be there during a major quake in Tokyo...!! Or may it be safer than anywhere else??

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Clearly not a vertigo sufferer!

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An absolutely awesome lady and good photo !

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@gogogo - You can tell from the photo she didn't have to wait no 6 hours, look how nice and uncrowded it is, ha ha!

Doesn't anyone go to good ol' Tokyo Tower anymore? Cripes, Skytree gets all the attention these days...

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is that like one of the worst pictures in journalism...she's walking away, side shot, and an awkward impromptu pic

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gogogo: Wonder if she had to wait 6 hours like everyone else....

The woman has spent enough of her life on hold, and all for the betterment of her fellow countrymen. Only an ass would make her go to the back of the line.

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cool lady and nice clothes. I love Burmese clothes and fabrics.

Good candid photo. 2 thumbs up.

But, more than that-

I missed that she was here!! I been busy starting a new job no time for news. Gotta find out if she will come near me, or is already going back home... I'd love to see her speak. Or wave even.

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Nice picture. The smog wasn't that bad that day.

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@japanisation The Skytree was built with a special anti-quake structure that basically reduces the magnitude in half for people in there.

@fadamor I'm not sure if that was sarcasm but I was able to go on a day with not a cloud or puff in smoke insight on the whole horizon... The picture above is no good.

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how nice if it's side profile of her looking out of the glass window

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