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The first weekend of June welcomed the plump blooms of hydrangea (or ajisai in Japanese) throughout Tokyo’s Hiroo neighborhood. Although the Kanto region’s rainy season is right around the corner, these eye-catching clusters—varying in hues of light violet to deep blue—are something to look forward during the month of drizzly weather ahead.

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Hydrangea is one of our favorites & a few years back we went to a Temple that had a Festival of these beauties complete with local treats & a troupe of acrobatic monkeys , a great experience on our visit-

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Another thing that will be gorgeous for a few days before it's spoilt by my mother in law talking about how Japanese flowers are more beautiful and varied than anywhere else in the world for the following month.

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Love the hydrangea, pink white and blues. Nice flower to paint. Flower of Kobe.

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