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It's not just Wuhan anymore. There have been cases of new coronavirus in Bejing and Shanghai too. I'm surprised it has taken this long for this story to make the news in Japan. Better to quarantine check all visitors arriving from China. Masks offer little protection from viruses, it's best to avoid contact and wash your hands frequently. BTW, why do almost all new viruses originate in China? (Hint: the answer is well known.)

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Chinese new year, here we come!

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I incorrectly said Shanghai in my post. I should have said Shenzhen. However, a number of other cities outside Wuhan have reported cases (suspected) of new corona virus.

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Quarantine for a few days ALL passengers arriving from China. Only way to be sure and safe :)

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BTW, why do almost all new viruses originate in China?

Because the amount of people / animal live stock and and the chances of a new virus forming is higher than other smaller countries? Evolution.

or why?

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All arrivals from an infected area must at least be monitored for temperatures.

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The monitoring should be done on the flights themselves.

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Nuts. Now EVERYONE will be wearing those reprehensible white face doilies, which are quite ineffective. When will this stupid fad go away. I want to see your faces. Wash your hands and let your super-great immune system do its work on your behalf.

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