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Actress Chiaki Kuriyama, 28, poses in front of a promotional poster for the upcoming film "Star Trek Into Darkness." Kuriyama provides the voice of Zoe Saldana's character Uhura in the Japanese dubbed version of the film which opens in Japan on Aug 23.

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They've got the "dubber?", they've even got the photo-op. Why the 3 month delay on the release? Any ideas out there?

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Yup! Japan strikes again with another ridiculously late release of a summer blockbuster.

Hopefully this isn't portending that there will only be dubbed versions of this film here.

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Japan is the LAST country in the entire world on the official release date caladner to get this movie. Dredd 3D still has no release date here. It's been on 3d blu ray for months!

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I wonder how Chiaki will sound. Zoe is hot, much better than the original Uhura (sorry Nichelle).

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Chiaki is still very sexy and looks better to me at 28.

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Wow....how engaging....

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Not that I particularly care, but who dubs Kirk and why isn't he there? Because he's not sexy enough?

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The dubbing into Japanese is never very good. all those deep shouty voices for men and squeaky ones for the women. Wonder how they will do Klingon.

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AKBfan - They'll probably do it in the way they do every voice, regardless of the character or situation in the movie.

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Robert Dykes - I want to know too why Japan is very later with nearly every movie. We pay so much for a ticket - 1800 yen! More than in many countries, I think. So why must we wait until after Gricia and Uganda for watching a movie?

People say "Oh it is for translation" but this is nonsense, I think. People in Lithuania and Ecuador need a translation too, I think, but they don't need waiting for many months.

If only very minor movie, not so profit, I understand don't need a rush. But this is exactly blockbuster! Why so late, Japan?

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Coming to a theater near you... After O-bon.. 23 Aug 2013.

Maybe the movie market here is to small to have bigger flicks open near to each other. Oblivion opens on 31 May and perhaps movie economics say that if another potential block buster opens too near the date, the overall revenue will not be as high.

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That sucks it opens so late in Japan. Speaking of dubbing, wonder if Rinko Kikuchi will get to do her own voiceover in Pacific Rim?

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August???? Stupid.

Iron Man 3 opened in Japan a day early... So, what is the problem.

Guess I'll just buy the Blu-Ray movie from the U.S. for $20 when it comes out, probably will be out around the August release in Japan. It will save me from spending money at the over priced Japanese theater, and . . . I'll have a good copy of the movie I can watch as much as I want.

Always amazing, video discs cost in Japan run 6,000 yen (3X the price in the U.S.) and the movies are always months late to arrive in Japanese theaters.

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Opens August 23rd. I refuse to go to see films released that late. I would absolutely love to know the real reason for these ridiculous delays. My wife says the timing is to protect Japanese films and to give the companies time to get tarento from the films over to Japan to push the movies. It has nothing to do with translations apparently.

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hmm the Japanese trailers don't seem to do it justice. http://www.startrekmovie.com/#video

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About the delayed releases in Japan, It's not because of the difficulty in translating the subtitles/captions into Japanese. Blame the market execs of the movie studios--in this case Paramount. They make the decision to release movies late, because they think they will make more money doing so. There was and interview article on thios a few years ago... Some movies have a simultaneous release with the US/UK, though.

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I'm sure she'll do exactly the same awful job as every other female voice over "actress" does.

Every sentence will end with "わよ" and she'll have the dictation skills and emotional range of a rubber spoon.

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There are a few reasons for the delays for films in Japan. One is that if Japanese film distributors can wait a few months after a film's wide release, more money can flow into the theaters from ticket sales. It is not widely known, but when a new blockbuster is released, the studio dictates what percentage of box office sales will flow directly back to them. In many cases, it can be as high as 90% percent of the gross ticket sales for the first week or so, then tapering off the next week to 80%, then 70, and so on. Japanese movie houses can avoid this somewhat by waiting until months after a North American release, in order to cut a better deal with the studio.

The second reason has to do with Japanese holiday times, especially school schedules. May releases are not popular, as many schools have their undokai sports day in May/June. It's much more profitable to wait until late July/early August when schools are on a summer break and more people are free to see the movie.

The only exceptions are huge, worldwide blockbusters, like the Harry Potter films, where studio demands of identical release dates worldwide and pressure from fans and movie tie-in companies (clothing, toys, restaurants etc.) make the Japanese distributors cave.

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@SumoBob - Thanks for the info relating to the box office cut as I was not aware of the money split.

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Why is it such an issue that movies open. in Japan later than other countries? So you have to wait a couple of months, big deal - It is still the same movie

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It's a big deal because movie fans have to wait months after world-wide releases, all because the Byzantine Japanese film industry wants to make more money when it imports Hollywood films. That, and that by delaying blockbuster US films it has more time to promote and showcase itheir lackluster, "should go straight to DVD" domestically-produced shlock that passes for movies here.

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