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Eriko Imai, singer and candidate for the House of Councillors for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, top in orange shirt, yells in unison with her supporters as she kicks off her election campaign in Tokyo on Wednesday.

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Vote, vote, vote...What for? self introspection.

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she will make an excellent MP

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Exactly what will solve Japan's dire situation.

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And just what qualifies this person to actually represent the people of Japan in making some of the most important decisions that will affect the entire country?

And yes, I've read her bio on Wikipedia. I don't see anything in it beyond some charity work that would possibly qualify her for being a member of the Upper House.

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Election campaign seems kinda festival. I want to see fireworks in sky on the big day. However this festival costs 4 billion yen. All taxpayers money.

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Vote, vote, vote! Listen to me! Vote, vote, vote! But not the LDP!

LOVE HOPE JOY SMILE! We'll get it when, LOVE HOPE JOY SMILE! When Abe's out only THEN!

Somebody put a catchy tune to that and we can run an anti LDP campaign...

she will make an excellent MP

An excellent MUPPET.

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If you though Trumps grandstanding, lack-of-substance, self-promotion style of political campaigning was weird, come to Japan!!

2 ( +6 / -4 )

Everything that drives me nuts about this place - captured in a single photo!

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I sometimes think Japan is third world, but with more money. However, saying that with relation to this might be an insult to the third world.

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Driving around and blaring loudspeakers, or just standing around with portable ones, should be illegal. These guys are no better than the black trucks, and exactly what is discussed in Dogs and Demons with regards to Japan being the noise pollution capital of the world.

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So JT, are you endorcing her? That's not fair as a media.

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It is amazing the roof on a tin box are strong enough to hold that weight. = Must be boronated steel.

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It's just sad. The normality of it is what s so disheartening. No one really excited about anything and nothing really to hope for. Oh well. Moving on...

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Election campaign seems kinda festival. I want to see fireworks in sky on the big day. However this festival costs 4 billion yen. All taxpayers money.

I made a mistake about election campaign costs 4 billion yen. correction: General election and campaign (upper house) costs more than 60 billion yen. Tokyo gubernatorial election and campaign costs about 4 billion yen. All taxpayers money.

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I'm glad to see anyone under the age 90 run for election here in Japan.

These young upstarts, although lacking in experience, are better than keeping the ancient crusty old fossils with no vision nor passion for the future in power.

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Ah, so that's what that noise pollution today was. Makes sense. I've yet to discover a link between shouting at people through speakers all day, and an increased turnout. If anything it's the opposite. If I were Japanese I wouldn't want to vote for someone screaming their name at me through a speaker.

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Sigh 1. This stupid picture and pretence that it is electioneering,without even any vague vacuous attempt at substance. Sigh 2. Getting switched to a "survey" fishing for my private information when I clicked on this thread to respond. Sight 3. Nothing I can do about either. Sigh 4. Bloody spellcheck (see 3 above)

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None here yet, I live in N area with lots of small one-way streets.

But they got strict rules about what they can say during driving, their timeslots at stations are also planned and kept to 20-30 minutes. At the stations they can explain their policies.

At 20:00 they have to go silent. Hassle for sure but still better than the longer US Ccampaign trail.

Here it is only for a few weeks.

BTW, haven't seen any black trucks for years in my yow, might be banned .

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These young upstarts, although lacking in experience, are better than...

Overestimating the LDP, methinks

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Way to switch things up but heaven forbid they take off the white gloves.

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It's that time of the year again. Loud speakers, megaphones, and platitudes.

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