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A family fishes in Tokyo's Daiba area.

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A nice time to share happiness with family around beauty of nature like river bank and lake. Thanks JT.

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Wow, real rocks and no cement...well at least in the foreground.

Any fisherman want to comment? Is fishing safe there even in the best of times?

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Nothing to worry about as long as you cook that fish... mmmm delicious tasty trout, or w/e they're fishing for (compliments???)

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A family enjoying themselves with nature and it's free.

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"Nothing to worry about as long as you cook that fish..."

I'm not so sure. There are signs at Daiba that prohibit swimming because of pollution.

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paulinusa, I met a Japanese marine biologist last year, who said that he doesn't let his family eat any Japanese fish, let alone in Tokyo bay because of the pollution levels. But if you live in the Kanto area and buy any fish from the supermarket, you are probably eating fish caught in Tokyo Bay anyway. The waters inside the by are incredibly productive, a lot of fish is taken out of there everyday for the fishing industry.

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Lunchbox : Really, commercial fishing in Tokyo Bay? Never heard of that. If it's true, that's a scary proposition.

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Folks the rocks are on Daiba which is man-made, reclaimed land, & yes lots of fish from Tokyo Bay ends up on the plates of Kanto, been that way fore ages, tons of shellfish, seaweed, the works

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Let's not forget Odaiba used to be the world's largest garbage island and, although it was capped some 30 odd years ago it still seeps toxins into Tokyo Bay. Yes, it is a productive fishing area. but eating anything from around Odaiba is just plain silly. I am always bemused when I see families collecting cockles for the pot from the mudflats at Kasai Rinkai Koen. They should be charged with child abuse.

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What a nice picture.

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fishing with family, good times. i remember fishing with my grandpa, we had alot of fun. especialy one time where we kept catching one fish over and over again, fish musta been hungry.

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catch and release......................... no problemo.

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I was wondering why it was prohibited to swim in Odaiba, the signs are there but they offer no explanation why. So it is about the pollution. The water sure looks dirty... But there are still many kids & people going into the water to play, especially now that it is summer. Each time we go there, I see people in the water.

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What is he using for a bate? Sushi?

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