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Fishing is great relax & reduce stress, I might hit a few spots today trying for some namazu & raigyou probably the former as it is raining so good chance!

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It is so strange to think that this is a photo of a scene in the middle of Tokyo. Most photos show the sky scrapers and cement city.

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wish i were there, beautiful.

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I know every place in Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, tochigi, basically most places north of my Tokyo home.

But somehow this place flew under my radar.

Just checked it out prices are reasonable especially in Tokyo and the variety of fish to catch has something for everyone.

Going to try it as soon as I can.

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'Middle of Nowhere in Tokyo'

A title i just got from this picture.

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Just got home a little while ago, was a good day out even with some rain, lots of egrets & herons around, especially in cut rice fields. Saw 3-4 kawasemi (kingfishers) & I managed to catch one catfish about 58cm long so all good, maybe I should send a pic of it & see if JT will post here!

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