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What a waste of suits !

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Yet again, another attempt at bringing in the crowds when we should be staying home

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"Stay home, dont go outside! Social distancing to contain the virus! But there's a cool thing they are doing, you should see!"

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Maybe they will live stream it so people can watch it from their locked down homes...........yeah, probably not.

Come on down folks. See the staff swim in thier Sunday best, shop at our gift stores, crowd into the viewing room to see all the fish.

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In the US, it goes state by state. People in many states foolishly continue life as usual... attending events, going to bars, cafes, restaurants, even school. In Oregon we've been "self-quarantining" for weeks. I was in Japan, feeling guilty. Came back to Oregon and find it is quite reassuring to know how hard people are struggling to make this work and "flatten the curve". Teachers are working overtime to reach all students online and create effective lessons in new ways. All medical professionals are working overtime as well, and DO NOT HAVE the personal protection equipment (PPE) they need (no thanks to the present cult/administration). Busy with take out and delivery only, most restaurants, bakeries, etc. seem to manage. Essential shops (pharmacies, groceries, some home improvement stores) are open, delivery or shopping online then picking up by "drive up" are encouraged. All "non-essentials" are closed; NO concerts, bars, department stores, boutiques, coffee shops. This is true also in Washington and California, New York, Colorado, and many other states. WHY don't all states do this? WHY is the US "president" so ineffective and disrespectful of science? He does not even practice social distancing and still shakes hands. Also.... WHY is Japan not trying self-quarantining? STAY HOME SAVE LIVES.

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