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People visit the Japan corner at the fourth annual weapons exhibition organized by the Iraqi defense ministry, at the Baghdad International Fairgrounds, on Saturday. International companies from Japan, the U.S., Germany, Egypt, China and others displayed weapons, armored vehicles, as well as sample models of aircraft, vehicles and boats.

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Japanese weaponry tends to be much more expensive than the equivalents from other countries. This is because there is limited export and hence lower volume production which makes the per unit cost higher.

The key in Iraq is to get the Iraqis lots of stuff. The Japanese stuff is undoubtedly top notch, but also expensive.

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More ruin and misery for humankind. We malevolent space monsters can just sit back and relax while you pathetic self-destructive pseudo-sapiens continue to immolate yourselves and your home world with ever increasing aptitude. Not much time left for you fools.

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Take away the suits, the corporate speak and the nice table manners, and the people who peddle this stuff are dealers in death. Not that different from your modern day terrorist. They just want to see the stuff used and their corporate bank balances fatten. While I'm all for the idea of aggressively pursuing the global war on terrorism, I don't have much time for the people who supply the weapons without getting their own hands dirty.

Moreover, with regard to Japan specifically, does it really need to get involved with the military industrial complex as a producer? Surely it could leave this market to the weapons producers in North America and Europe while applying its considerable industrial and technology base to other fields. For example, what about robots that can operate in radioactive areas? In recent memory, one of the greatest failures of Japanese industry was the fact that while it was making robotic dogs (aibo) and robotic musicians, it seriously dropped the ball in the application of robotics to disaster-response. Lets remember, it was a US company the provided the first robots to go into the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, not the pride of Japan's industrial base.

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Good stuff. They should have had a demonstration involving firing into the Sunni Triangle.

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They need a scale to model sized Godzilla stepping on those models.

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Beautiful wooden toys without Made in Japan mark anywhere !

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ohhh, let's give the Iraqis some weapons so ISIS can collect them later...

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ohhh, let's give the Iraqis some weapons so ISIS can collect them later...

Isn't ISIS already using Japanese pickup trucks in their campaign?

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Humans have always been an aggressive species. It's the engine that drives evolution. It's what bring intricacy and diversity. You can curse war mongers and proliferators but you can't have peace without having war.

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CGB Spender: "You can curse war mongers and proliferators but you can't have peace without having war."

Hogwash. If you truly believe that, then you also believe that the only way humanity will ever truly achieve complete and total peace is through our total annihilation through war.

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CGB must be well read. After all in 1984 (George Orwell) it tells us, "War is Peace."

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CBG, well said. We all really don't want war but we understand the spirit of you message. Let it also be noted that blood= freedom's stain. I am grateful for my freedom.

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