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From left: "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" director Marc Webb, stars Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and producers Matt Tolmach and Avi Arad pose with two little Spider-Men during a news conference at Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills on Monday. About 400 fans were also invited to the event. The two children each asked Garfield -- who plays the title character -- a question: "How strong is Spider-Man?" and "How can I become Spider-Man?" Webb promised the biggest "Spider-Man" spectacle to date, but with a romance at its heart, as the superhero battles Electro (Foxx), and juggles his relationship with his girlfriend (Stone). The film opens in Japan on April 25, one week before its U.S. release.

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where's Tobey?

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"I like the little Spiderlings better than any of the actors. Even Emma Stone is only so-so....." you are an AKB fan. so... basically your opinion is null and void.

I really enjoyed to the new spider man so much more than the Sam Ramy ones.

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is it only me or i found those kids on spidey suit creepy? lol

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@Davestrousers Fair point. I haven't seen the George Clooney Batman Film. The last superhero film I watched had the Hulk jumping around on mountains.

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If you make something that stinks so bad it gets ingrained into the memory of the average cinema-goer, then you have to wait until people forget about it. But it has to be the right sort of stinker, i.e. not something that's so bad its funny, just plain bad (again I refer you to George Clooney).


The Adam West one is the supreme example of something that's so bad its good.

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I haven't watched the Spider-Man films but I heard the one with the black Spider-Man absolutely stunk. Wouldn't a real stinker just give someone else the opportunity to make more unoriginal tripe in the name of rectifying that mistake?

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Daves, You may be right but let's agree that the best Batman was the original with Adam West and Burt Ward. That wasn't at all camp and ridiculous.

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This trend in superhero movies will continue until someone makes a stinker so camp and ridiculous that it puts people off them for a decade (see George Clooney in Batman & Robin). Ben Aflleck as Batman? He could be our man.

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Wow! Another superhero film. Is that 5 Spider-Man films alone in the last 10 years or so? Where are we on the X-men count these days?

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I like the little Spiderlings better than any of the actors. Even Emma Stone is only so-so.....

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Think she is his girlfriend in real life, too. Lucky fellow.

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Emma Stone <3

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