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A couple dressed in Japanese traditional wedding attire stand under the blooming cherry blossoms in a Tokyo park on Wednesday.

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Beautiful picture! Much nicer than those hanami crowds, and they look very happy

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Kambayashi-san strikes again ! Great shot !

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All delighted by not having a blue tarp in the frame.

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Great shot of contemporary Japan.

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Run young man, run.

Just kidding, nice picture. But seriously, RUN.

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lovely pic. I wish them happiness and bliss.

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Great pic! Unfortunate those 2 photo bombers to the left

0 ( +2 / -2 )

It's nice to see people trying to blend in with the locals....

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I like it with the other stuff going on in the background, but it would also be nice to see a picture, closer up, of just the couple with their bangasa and the cherry blossoms in the background. Still a nice picture, though.

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I saw a couple just like this a few days ago. They were models in a commercial shoot.

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Always nice. Last year went to my first Japanese wedding at an expensive hotel in Osaka. Western fake thing, beautiful hired dresses then the kimono parts, wedding breakfast. Everything very tight timing even you had to sit on what table. I was on the brides family table- adopted grandpa or something. Amazingly expensive. Glad for the experience but hope never again. Even before we left the video and photography had shot edited and presented a high grade video.

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