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Designer Yuma Koshino poses with a model wearing a wedding dress from her "Spiritual Luxury" wedding collection at a fashion event in Tokyo. Koshino is the daughter of famous fashion designer Hiroko Koshino. The eight dresses that make up her collection are lavishly adorned with crepe, or Japanese silk, which inspired her to embark on the wedding line. "I believe the material reflects a Japanese tradition and identity that have been preserved and loved by women across many generations -- something that I thought would be perfect for a bride to don on her special day," Koshino said.

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The bride reminds me of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" video.

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they should create a new trend. The divorce ceremony. Plenty of dresses to design, make and sell.

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A pity the model didn't smile

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...whats up witht he modle... the way shes standing and her fecial features...she coulda just used a manniquin..... and to me her hair is awful and is almost the same colour as the dress!

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beautiful dress though i will add that in

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The dress is a disaster - no wonder the model isn't smiling - but her hair is quite nice.

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i admire the site and may be you will love the Cheap Wedding Dresses.

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