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Airport fire trucks spray water over the plane carrying Japan's national soccer team after it landed at the Viracopos airport ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Campinas, Brazil, on Saturday night.

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A good sportsman is one who plays with unity and loyalty at the field. I wish all the soccer players of the Samurai Blue team, all the best for your performance on the soccer field.

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Why? What is the purpose of spraying the plane? I don't get it? Is it a "just in case" type of a thing? That must use a lot of water!

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tjguy - The spraying of the water is simply done as a ceremonial welcome. It is the water cannon salute. A tradition for a special flight. In this case the Samurai Blue Team from Japan. This type of tradition might have originated from the nautical tradition of having fireboats spraying water for special occasions. In fact many things have made their way from the nautical to the aeronautical world. However it is customary with many airlines to arrange for wetting down the aircraft as a tribute to a retiring captain making his last arrival.

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I don´t get it. Since when is water spraying on planes a salute? I have never seen that before.

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It comes from an old naval salute, they do it for important flights & Ships, passage liners, schooners, etc.

Not at all rare and can be often seen.

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The boys in blue have arrived in Brazil. Let's create some shocks! Ganbare Nippon!

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All I want is exciting games, no flopping and a few nail biters.

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Japan's national soccer team is not going to win the 2014 World Cup.

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@ Serrano

But they are in the World Cup right? To be in the the tournament, they had to qualify. Like the other 32 teams, that means they have a chance. Are they going to win it? Maybe, maybe not. But as long as they are in, they have a chance. 1% is better than 0%!

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I will support Japan this year cause my beloved Sweden did not make it through the qualification, がんばれ日本!!! :)

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