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No masks!

The Pandemic is over?

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Endless stream of these useless meetings with ministers travelling all over the world. And yet we continue to be told we can’t. Typical.

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Masks??? 2 week quarantine upon return to Japan no doubt.

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Learn to use Zoom like the rest of us. Or alternatively life the draconian travel restrictions

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Motegi acting the intellectual as ever.

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Motegi, did you tell your Italian friend that you discriminate against non Japanese nationals back home when it comes to re-entry, quarantine,etc. ?

What is that fake smile of yours? You might cheat them, but not the expats of Japan, we know you well: you discriminate on the basis of nationality, that is racism !

In case you forgot, I'm here to remind you:

2020 up to when you could not push it any further:Japanese can go and come back as they please.Foreigners can't !

2021 and you didn't learn the lesson yet: Japanese who contravene quarantine regulation will get their names made public. Foreigners who commit the same offence will lose their visa status and consequently their lives in Japan, no matter what.

Motegi, do you talk about this with your Italian mate? Please do, see what Europeans will tell you.

I suspect they know that too well, but they're all after your money for their exports, goods to come to Japan at inflated prices. Do you ever wonder why that is?

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Don’t give all of the Silk Road to China and we take some of your wine, cheese, bacon, pasta at moon price factored prices.

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Mr Motegi looks like a fun character! Love to see him at parties!

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Absolutely embarrassing photo of an embarrassing person.


I second what you said. Many of us won't forget how even PRs with Japanese families were treated last year, while any Japanese could just simply go hopping from nation to nation without having to take any tests.

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