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Welcome to Rio


Members of the Japanese delegation, with former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, center, pose for a photo after a welcome ceremony at the Olympic athletes village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Tuesday.

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This guy in the center of the picture is the culprit of problems involving the Tokyo Olympics. He is what is called a "ro-gai" person -- an old man causing problems. He is reigning the the organization and others cannot talk back to him who was once a prime minister of Japan. It was a big mistake of Abe who put Mori to the position.

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Everyone looks very happy and so motivated each game.

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Would love to know what percentage of the delegation are athletes and what percentage are "officials."

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This guy should have retired years ago. Disgusting man who decided that playing golf was more important than the lives of people who died when their ship was hit in Hawaii.

Yeah, of course the people in the photo look happy - they've been ordered to smile by Mori. They'd better sing the anthem loudly should they win a gold medal because Mori will be looking. And should they do badly in any way, Mori will be there to give another Asada-type bashing.

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Trumpian hat. That's huuge and will make Nippon great again.

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I agree with Schopenhauer - this clown should never have been let anywhere near this position.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

What purpose does Mori serve besides putting all the young girls next to him?

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Indeed get that old fool mori the hell outta there, nothing but trouble & embarrassment caused by that clown!

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What purpose does Mori serve?

Reinforcing the hierarchy, of course, both generational and (one-party state) political.

Guess who will be even more omnipresent (excuse the double superlative) when he retires as PM.

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wait...what... why is he in Rio?

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wait...what... why is he in Rio?

For the gold, of course.

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Surely they could just accidentally-on-purpose leave him there?!

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Usually the chef-de-mission is a former Olympic athlete who is there to help organize the entire team while away

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What was it Mori said to Asada Mao when she failed to win the gold medal again? This is NOT the guy to be leading a group of young athletes. I hope he didn't threaten them after the photo.

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Mori san is in the middle of this picture, second to his right there is a very attractive woman shoulder length hair, does any one have her tell number? and whats Mori san doing there anyway? just leave him behind no one will miss him (allegedly)

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Chris Harnett will be our chef de mission. He did it for two Pan Am's already and has more medals than most, is a multiple hall of famer, and Olympian. Let's say, accomplished. Coaches and athletes can come up to him so he can get whatever they need and he's a natural fit between the various Olympic committees. I'm sure other countries have similar great mentors to help settle some nerves and bolster their success.

I can't imagine what in the world Mori can offer or do for any coach or athlete? Ex-PM can't hold a candle to Harnett, or anyone who was in competition, so I wonder who is the real unsung hero/heroine behind the scenes helping actual coaches and athletes?

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Former PM Mori has dropped some weight! Good on him! Best of wishes to the athletes from Japan - and form everywhere - at the Olympics!

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