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Jamaica's Usain Bolt shakes hands with the Japanese team, the silver medal winners, after the men's 4x100-meter relay final at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.

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America once again showed they really dont know what theyre doing when it come to the 4x100m relay, but when youve got two runners that have been banned for cheating then I must say karma has a way of getting even.

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Thats true, wtfjapan - but lets also remember the Jamaicans had two banned dopers on their team. Karma did not bite them!

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Great effort by the Japanese. I don't follow much of the track and field, so this result was a bit of a surprise to me. Watching the race, they fully deserved the result. Well done.

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nine times in the last 21 years the Americans have failed to get a result in the 4x100 relay. there's something seriously flawed in their training.

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Tremendous effort for the Japanese team against the triple-triple, soon to be a legend (already is actually) Bolt. Ok guys, any odds on whether he makes a return in Tokyo in 2020 ? BTW Usain, love that pose !

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@Kurobune Bolt himself says he won't participate in the 2020 Olympics and that the Rio will be his last Olympics. So I did say the chance is pretty low.

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I'm so happy to see this! One of those men is a former student of mine and I know how devoted, driven and focused he was on becoming a runner. It's great to see him on the world stage and can only hope he can continue to compete and win the gold on 2020!

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Just enough to stay ahead of the other competitors (one fell) to get the Silver. It was close.

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Japan rocked this Olympics. Lots of wins and medals. Way to go Nihon. Let's celebrate!

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@NckHmml - I am aware of the comments. I know of numerous cases of "retirements" coming to and end when they decide they NEED the money, adulation and stardom again. I am sure you do too.

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The US Team was disqualified after their bronze win for passing the baton outside the exchange area

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