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FAKE handbags are seen in a Gucci store in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills on Thursday night.

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They all look naff, fake or not.

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@gogogo - Was thinking the same thing. It's a Gucci store with fake Gucci products. The point?

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I often think the designer brands themselves are the worst fakers. They sell something pretending to be Italian or French when in fact it was made by Chinese in China, Vietnamese in Vietnam, Cambodians in Cambodia, which in my mind makes the product more Chinese, Vietnamese or Cambodia.

Mickelicious, I agree with you. I remember years ago someone telling me I had a nice Gucci briefcase. I told them I just had a cheap one I bought in Thailand. They said it was Gucci because it had green and red stripes on it. I explained that I had been looking for one without the tacky green and red stripes but couldn't find one. They all had the horrible tacky stripes.

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I don't know why anyone would spend money to buy these kinds of products even if they are genuine! I guess they need it for their ego - to feel good about themselves. Money though, has nothing to do with a person's value, importance, or worth. I guess we all seek to put on an image with what we wear to impress others or feel good about ourselves, so I can't criticize them too much. It just shows though that we are placing value in all the wrong things!

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A fool and his money.......

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I don't understand the value in these designer brands when you can buy a niece leather bag ect for a quarter of the price and I mean the people who would be impressed with you having some achi gachi brand are the people that aren't worth knowing.

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if its your own hard earned money, then its okay to buy anything you want. as long as you dont degrade other people by having it...

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My wife was just telling me that her friend in Hong Kong got her first "six figure bag" to celebrate her one year wedding anniversary. 100,000 HKD is approximately 1.4 million JPY. I will not criticize what others do with their own money but am certainly happy that my wife is not into material possessions!

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If you can’t tell the difference, it shows how grossly over priced the originals are for no appreciable benefit. Agree it’s your money spend it how you want and if you want to buy products and provide someone’s with free advertising that is up to you.

As above, a fool and his money! Or the old carny saying, one born every minute.

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You're all missing the point....

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Only people with easy money buy this stuff.

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Who is Gucci?

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Kuroneko - you are my hero today! Wonderful. So it's actually the designer outwitting the copycats and the critics. By the other posts here so far it's clearly working. Would I buy it? Hell no! But this whole thing is hilarious.

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I got my wife a purse about 10+ years ago. Cost was over ¥40,000. I was not happy about it at the time.

But it does not look Nuff, and it is still going really strong, with the only wear show on some of the leather trims.

She's happy, she wanted it and deserved something a little special, why not?

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Ha! Even the real Gucci from Italy was probably made by the Chinese using illegal immigrant labor.

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