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"Three bucks for a shoe-shine..."

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I picked up three lady-boys last night. How about you?

Only 1.

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Kono: Three more teeth... that's all. After I lose those, I'll finally get the dentures to keep my mouth from becoming a vacuous cave when my lips are closed.

Minh: One just fell... right there. Why are you so red?

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"Now let's go over this again, it's...

take it back now y'all, three hops this time

right foot now

left foot now y'all

Cha cha it out

Turn it out"

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I can name that tune in 3 notes.

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Mr. Kono: "I've been keeping this posture for three minutes."

Mr. Minh: "Why are you doing such a thing?"

Mr. Kono: "Look. There is handkerchief decorated with a certain country's flag diputing with Japan below the leg. So, I don't know whether I put the leg down on it."

Mr. Minh: "Also you've been waiting to be advised what to do by someone?"

Mr. Kono: "Yep."

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They're both gesturing...

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That’s the third time today that my shoelace has come untied!

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