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Golf diplomacy? ......Followed by steak and carrots, I think not.......

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Waiting for gateau?

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They look like twins in the same outfit. As you may have read recently, top Chinese politicians have been sentenced to life in prison for accepting bribes, while in Japan you may get a suspended sentence at most.

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Abe - "Wonder what's for lunch"

Li - "God i'm bored"

Toasted H, nice one!

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"I gotta pee so bad"

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China: I’m unstoppable if I get Japan and the Koreas on one page.

Japan: Bomance with Trump is risky.

Korea: This is win win for me.

China: $, ¥, €? ha ha ha Putin, your move.

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Li: Well, I think China first with NK and Russia together. What about you?

Abe: Hmm, Japan first following Trump.

Li: Do you think it'll be a win-win conclusion?

Abe: Without me, probably...

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