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What lies ahead


A woman has her palm read by a fortune teller in Tokyo on Wednesday.

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what lies ahead? Good Heavens !

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I dont want to know my future, i make my own.

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I don't want to tell my fortune, either.

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He's saying to her, "you'll soon be meeting a tall dark stranger, in a hood and carrying a sythe".

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if i know what is going to happen at my workplace i wont show up...

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The woman is going to find herself slightly poorer, but other than that unchanged?

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What lies ahead is alot of (your own) fortune giving.

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You would be shocked to know how many people pay very good money to fortune tellers. Not only for their personal advice, but to make business and company decisions. I know some people in this industry. They make more than some of the corporate people I know. The very talented ones.

I think this stuff is all hocus pocus. But it is clearly a viable career path. The best earners seem to be those who can mix common sense mental social work attributes with mysticism and common sense. If you can also read people well... and give decent advice or at least what people want o hear, then you are set.

I couldn't do it in good conscience.

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what they should start is the PEANUTS Lucy's Psychiatric help for 100 yen.

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These people thrive because many Japanese don't really have anyone else to talk to about their anxieties and concerns. Or to put it another way, they feel it's safer to confide with a total stranger who's not involved personally than with their own family members or colleagues.

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I used to see a lot more fortune tellers on the streets of Nagoya - come rain or hail - but they don't seem as noticeable of late.

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How come people will pay to have a stranger talk about their future but will vehemently ignore a good and free advise from friends and family???

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"You will find difficulty getting up from a low folding chair..."

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I wonder what Japan's Fortune Teller / Psychic / Shaman GDP is... These folks are in every society on the planet; the global revenue is probably relatively staggering - which is to say, way, way more than might be expected.

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