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A seller waits for customers at a seafood shop in Tokyo.

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1500 yen for (maybe my eyes deceive me here) ONE scallop? Damn.....No wonder why he is "waiting" for customers.

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Probably "one pack"

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Yubaru, I've seen the same thing, all over Japan. And with no international competition for food prices, guess where that leaves the indigenous? With an empty wallet. I still can't believe the Japanese people don't want cheaper food, but everywhere I go, they seem to pay through the nose for what I can pick up at my local grocery store, here in Canada, for about 25% of the cost of the same stuff in Japan. That said, I'll still be back, this spring, for about 8 weeks. There's more to Japan than overpriced food. Thank God.

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Probably "one pack"

See that little green tray on top of the bigger scallops? The smallish sized scallops? THAT tray is 1500 yen for 5, or 300 yen each for what will turn out to be a 10 yen sized scallop inside.....

Still way too much, and he STILL is waiting for customers I'll bet.

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Seasoned with nuclear waste? No thanks. Also, extremely overpriced for a nation that is famous for seafood dishes.

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pretty sure those prices are for the tray, don't forget you can often haggle a bit at these places, just show a bit of potential interest & they will often drop the price!

Also you CAN eat the entire scallop not just the round bit in the middle.

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Photo would make a great painting.

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That picture is mouthwatering

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