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From left: Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland Ryuhei Maeda, Crown Prince Naruhito and Bern Mayor Alexander Tschaeppaet look up at the Zytglogge tower in Bern, Switzerland, on Wednesday. The crown prince is on a one-week official visit to Switzerland to mark the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries. Crown Princess Masako is not accompanying him on this trip.

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Look at the Nikkey is over 15.000 again, that is crazy!

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Heaven forbid she should get a glimpse of life outside the nirvana of Japan!

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Hopefully not a pigeon or seagull.

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It looks like someone forgot to tell the Crown Prince and the Ambassador that the cool biz decree doesn't extend at the way Switzerland.

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Heaven forbid she should get a glimpse of life outside the nirvana of Japan!

Apart from the years she spent living in the US, the holidays she spent in France and time spent studying in England?

I guess you think this woman who speaks 5 languages and studied International Relations, among other things, should step outside of the palace kitchen sometime and see more of the world, right?

Only then would she be worthy to meet with your approval?

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It's a bird,... no.

It's a plane,... no.

IT'S GOJIRA!!!... uh, no.

Kumamon?... no.

A giant cuckoo clock building?... um, well..... yes.

Ah so desu... so so so so,... sonotori desu

HAI wakarimashita!

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Maybe the Crown Prince and company are being shown the "Moor's Head" as "The “Moors guild” was "established in the 14th century in the municipality of Bern", no one needs reminding of the importance of finance for Switzerland, however many have forgotten the revered position of the "Black-a-Moor", not only in Switzerland but throughout all of pre slavery Europe. http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/swiss_news/Is_the_emblem_of_a_Bern_guild_racist.html?cid=38740706

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