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Wheels for an emperor


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Apparently it cost 80 million yen. You'd think the Imperial Household Agency has one or two other cars he could reuse.

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why go to the trouble attending a special photo shoot preview of the Emperor's limo and then not show the whole car...

very odd..

but looks great...comfy...

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Trying to make him all but a god

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I agree with pug boy . Why not the whole car ?

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The new emperor and empress are very educated people. I hope that they can hear the sentiments of the normal Japanese.

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@Tara Tan Kitaoka

Education does not equate to wisdom or compassion.


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I understand that is vehicle costs about 1/2 million US

Considering the tenuousness of the j economy and the real-world financial struggle of the common Japanese individual , this degree of frivolous self indulgence just to add to the pageantry is contemptible.


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So what would the Emperors of a thousand years ago have traveled in, or even two hundred years ago? If you are going to do tradition, then do the traditional!

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