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Where's the beef?


Anyone for a sukiyaki burger? This one is being sold at Disney Ikspiari food court.

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"Anyone for a sukiyaki burger?"

What's on the bun?

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No thank you. What is the tsunami supposed to signify?

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They should call it a Hokusai burger. I can't read. Does it mention him?

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No thanks but i will take a gyoza dog at DisneySea.

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Wow, a Sukiyaki Burger, fries and a drink for 680 yen, what a great deal!

"gyoza dog at DisneySea"

Har! Really?

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I'm no fan of corporate burgers but that one does look at least interesting. Skip the beef for me. So there is also lettuce, tofu slices, mysterious slice of cheese or hanpen...Hokusai is just in there for the standard "It's JAPANESE" feel-good iconography. Nothing to worry about there. Usual blatant mixing of cultures.

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The fried Gyoza Dog at Namjatown was delicious but the shop is gone now.

I make my own burgers. :)

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