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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump watches his wife Melania Trump vote in New York on Tuesday.

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We need to consider the possibility that he is trying to copy from her, and that she is the brains of this operation.

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Apparently trump's son got into trouble for Tweeting his ballot paper - by law it is supposed to be secret, as theis picture might not suggest.

he is trying to copy from her, and that she is the brains of this operation.

Wouldn't it be funny if this were true and she was voting Democrat thinking that hubby wouldn't know! And he actually copied.

I think there is going to be some noticeable outcome pathos following this election in the US.

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Who am I voting for? I'm voting for my third choice, Crusty the clown. I think he would do a better job than either of these two clowns.

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Maybe she said, "this is what you have to do Donald, just watch me and then you do the same".

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hes just checking to make sure he gets her vote, after his affair while married to her she may be doing a bit of payback.

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I just love this photo...he's making sure Melania votes for him or he is watching her in order to learn how to work said voting device.....or both. Awesome...........

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She has been American itizēn for quite many years.

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Frightened little boy out of his depth.

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I am voting for tabloid media (Trump) because msm (Clinton) defeat is guaranteed.

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It is none of your business for whom a person votes. Many years husbands and wives did not share that information. Now, due to the social media impulse to draw attention to oneself, polling, mobile communication, etc. makes a voter feel that his or her decision is extremely important news to someone else.

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I understand the concern in relation to media intrusion. At the same time Princess Aiko trials and tribulations, if reported in a respectful, responsible and sensitive matter can bring an understanding and inspiration, sharing with other students experiencing similar stress and doubts.

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Just remember the first lady is going to stand up to the bulls

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Sorry, my heads is on the wrong way up my above comment posted in the wrong thread.....please ignore.

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He's checking out that she is not voting for her ex.

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The wig is going to win , markets will go into a tail spin and will bounce back next week ,

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Markets will be up and running next week and will do well.

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