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Windsurfing off Enoshima


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That's a beautiful shot!

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Very nice!

I want to join these windsurfers....

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Nice picture.

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That picture makes me regret never having wind-surfed. Looks like fun.

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One of them is leaving the rest in their wake. 2020 games that never took place in 2020...

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This kind of picture with full of surfers aren't even seen in the west. Last time as well there was a picture on JT full of surfers close to each other.

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There is no swell noticeable therefore very little wind. You have to blow the sails yourself. Plus all the sails are the same colors with similar numbers. That means it is a school. More than likely most of them cannot swim either. I cringe watching these people. Dangerous and should not be far from shore.

The Olympic pavillion and storage area is on the island known as Enoshima. Saying Enoshima Island is like saying EnoshimaShima. Similar to Mr. Smith-san.

Most of the various sailing events will not be where this photo is. A map is available at the pavilion.

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