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Kenko "Samurai" Ura of Japan reacts after defeating Brad Terrey of Australia during the MMA World Series Welterweight Championship in Yangon on Saturday night. The match is part of the MMA World League, which was held for the first time in Myanmar, involving 14 competitors from nine countries across the world.

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Congrats!, yet couldn't even a single Japanese gym or swimming pool because of his tats

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Not quite true @gogogo, there's a gym down in Fukuoka that accepts tatoos. Myself, along with lots of other Japanese and foreigner patrons, were fully covered in wabori and never had problems. No doubt there's other gyms like that too around the country.

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No doubt there's other gyms like that too around the country.

Yes. Try Shinjuku Sports Center (near Takadanobaba station) for starters.

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never saw the reason why sports people need to put "tats" on themselves. Does it make look hard or cool or what!?! Just seems silly to me. A lot of people copy each other and fall in to peer presure because others around them have tats. Seems to me like school all over again :P

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Mr. Samurai is in good shape.

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There are a few gyms and onsen that allow tattoos, but the vast majority do not. No need to point out the 1 in 50 that allows tattoos as if to say it's not that bad. It is.

Tattoo discrimination is still discrimination and it's still pervasive in Japan.

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