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Prime Minister Naoto Kan smiles as he holds a signed national jersey with women's national soccer team players Homare Sawa, second left, Aya Miyama, right, and head coach Norio Sasaki, left, at Kan's official residence in Tokyo on Tuesday. Kan, who is under pressure to resign from opponents within his own party as well as opposition parties, said he could learn a lot from Sawa's ability to unite the team.

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nothing amusing just keep it inside a museum of modern art or go for online auction for the benefit of tsunami hit region.

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They needed the win to lift spirits in bad times recently.

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Give a signed jersey to Kan? Oh, what a MOTAI NAI.

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Where are the LDP goons trying to steal this moment of celebration with the best PM Japan has had in decades. The only PM that is not in the pocket of the construction industry and a useless puppet of MITI.

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They going to milk this dry!!

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Kan, get back to work you idiot. Fix the problems and QUARANTINE the Fukushima area.

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Get back to work... people are eating poisoned beef and you're posing for photos

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Kan said he can learn a lot from Sawa's ability to unite the team. Yeah right. I got news for him, Kan got no team. The DPJ is in disarray. Most of its members want Kan to resign asap. Poor thing,too little to save his position.

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Dear Kan

We successfully open the online action account for you.. The T shirt goes to the highest bidder and the money goes to tsunami victims.

We always appreciate your business. Shop.com

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Congratulations to the ladies! Well done. Now to whoever designed those post-game uniforms or whatever the correct term is for what they're wearing in the photo: Would it have killed you to design something that doesn't make them look high school boys? Women of physical strength have a hard enough time being viewed as feminine in Japan. It doesn't help matters any them being dressed like boys. I'm not saying they should be all in pink with ruffles and bows but some kind of sensible happy-medium. Let girls know that you can be strong and feminine and not an ice skater. I just last week had lunch with some Japanese friends, four women and two men and they were all baffled by the concept of a woman having visible muscles and being feminine at the same time. And I'm not talking about weight-lifting competition muscles, just some nice tone to their limbs, arms and legs that don't look like they'd break under the slightest strain. These ladies are good examples of strong but feminine. Let them flaunt it a little for heaven sakes. Besides that, it's boiling hot and those get-ups can't be comfortable. What about promoting Super Cool Biz???

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nice juxtaposition Prime Minister "Kan't" and the ladies who "can"

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Shame non of the above posters watched the scoccers games . Here's what a Japanese friend of mine said in a message when we talk soccer.

''Including the March 11 disaster, recent Japan has been filled with dismal events, but the bright news has come up, which is of the Nadeshiko Japan, Japanese women’s soccer team that has become the world champion in the world cup this time around. It’s quite impressive and unbelievable that they could beat many excellent teams that had the overwhelming advantage, such as Germany, Sweden, and eventually the real champion, the U.S. The great achievement stemmed from their strong minded, the indomitable spirits, never give up to last, which must have encouraged almost all Japanese, in particular affected by the disaster.''

you can all carry on now talking about soccer strip holding Prime Ministers

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Sawa needs to cut her front hair to make bangs.

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Keika1628: That's a bit of a smug attitude, isn't it. What in the work makes you think other posters didn't watch the game? There were over 90 posts on an article, on this site, about the game, posts from some of the very people you've incorrectly assumed didn't watch the game, myself included. The ladies are posing with Kan so it's perfectly reasonable that people would comment on him. And what were the "overwhelming advantages" that the other teams had? Just curious.

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Congratulations Nadeshiko! Well played, well earned, well deserved! Thank you for lifting Japan up when she needed a boost!

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Congrats Nadeshiko Japan! Sawa saikou!

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**CONGRATS Nadeshiko Japan......this's ASIAN SUPREMACY.....we proud it....... PEACE FROM INDONESIAN......

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