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MotoGP 125cc rider Niklas Ajo of Finland falls off his Aprilia during the MotoGP Japanese Grand Prix at Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Motegi on Sunday.

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Nice action pic!!

I hope he didn't get hurt too bad.

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was he okay?

what happened to the guy behind him?

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That landing is going to hurt.

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There have been quite a few articles in the media about how GP racing in Japan, F1 in particular, is dying out. They are having lots of troubles finding sponsors.

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That's the result of a highside - the rear wheel spins sideways leaned over in a corner, then it suddenly grips and the bike flicks upwards throwing you over the 'high side'. Common injuries are broken collarbones, but I think he was okay here. For me, Moto GP and World Superbikes is more exciting than F1. A lot more affordable too.

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Reminds me of my own bike accident. A taxi turned me into a human pachinko ball. This guy got off lucky. I got smashed into a parked car.

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MotoCross too!

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I've survived two motorcycles crashes, one of them pretty serious (hit by a guy running a red light) the other a high side like this one. It's not so bad if you stick the landing ;) Seriously though, I believe Moto GP has far fewer fatalities than auto racing, but the trade-off is nearly 100% of those that make a career out of it end up with some kind of permanent injury.

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Looks stupid to me, must be a men thingy. To risk your life trying to dive your motorcycle faster around a loop is baka.

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@Yuri: thank for providing an opinion for all of us racing fans (male and female) to ignore.

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John Becker, just look at the picture. How fast are they going and did he get hit bu another bike. Even if they missed him his body is going to hit the road at 100 or more km per hour. Just looking at the picture gives me the creeps. Do you not feel for the riders who put themselves in danger for your entertainment?

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This sport is too danerous and sets a bad example to impressionable youth who know no better. Bets action is to mnake bikes max speed 30 mph and the riders wear thick rubber suits to prevent injury. These spots are for men like Jeremy Clarkson who are usually terribly shallow.

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I got thrown off a horse once, so maybe that is why I ended up in Japan.

These guys rock in my thoughts. Sexy

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