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Women's run


Runners pass through Omotesando during the Shibuya and Omotesando Women's Run 2012 in Tokyo on Sunday. The Shibuya and Omotesando Women's Run attracts 4,000 female runners.

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Happy Day for husbands at home !

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Maybe it's a chance for the 美-joggers to show off their fashion.

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How long was the race? 5k? 10k?

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Maybe it's a chance for the 美-joggers to show off their fashion

what fashion are you talking about, aren't almost all of them wearing the same , just different colors.

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more energy than most males

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Is there a Men's run held on a separate date?

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Not many spectators. Is it so as to not embarass the ladies? In the States, usually the race route is lined with spectators and those encouraging the runners.

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Aside from what some14some acknowledges, is there any reason for a women-only run? Are they less capable? Is it shorter? Do they serve the tea and water instead of getting it on the way?

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